The Project

wretch for 2015 is a day-planner/ resource guide  for both conscientious Christians who are working toward faith-based social justice & anti-oppression movements and those who are looking for a way to connect to the radical Christian community. It is meant to encourage and facilitate (in even a small way) spiritual growth that manifests itself through actual, practical change in word, action, thought, and relationship. I want people to feel empowered to embrace the truly radical and revolutionary teachings of Jesus and to feel supported within this network of people, projects, and ideas. This day planner is a tool for activists and other people of faith that can help balance work in the world with regular times of spiritual practice. I hope that it encourages involvement in endeavors that promote equality, justice, and resistance.

Within the planner I’m including tools for prayer, activism, community/network building, and spiritual growth.  Some of these things include devotions, brief histories and personal stories, group prayers, memory verses, and a contact list that includes groups that are actively working for radical change and/or living out their faith in good and real ways.

I’m working to be inclusive of the many denominations within the church body, including those of Anabaptist, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox backgrounds.